By Vladyslav Y. Yavorskyy

Terra Firma – Vol. II Notes from Richard Hughes
everal years ago Vlad Yavorskyy asked for my assistance in realizing his dream of producing a book on the spinel gems. The result of that collaboration was Terra Spinel – Terra Firma, now nearly out-of-print and a guaranteed future collector’s item. Since publication, the prices of fine spinel have greatly escalated, in no small part due to Vlad’s vision.
Terra Spinel was ground-breaking in that it did not so much seek to educate as enthuse readers. Featuring not just images of the gems themselves, it took readers on a vicarious journey around the world with spinel, showing not just the mines themselves, but slice-of-life images of the people in the lands where the gems first emerged from Mother Earth.
For the second volume in the Terra Firma series, Vlad has turned his lens and lapidary wheel towards yet another overlooked masterpiece – garnet.
Mention the word “garnet” and most people think of an inexpensive red gem. In truth, while many garnets are red, the family contains a cornucopia of colors that include sun-kissed oranges, emerald greens and even color-changing chameleons that put many alexandrites to shame.
The following pages will introduce readers to the amazing world of garnet. As before, we will journey right round the planet, meeting the people and visiting the places where garnets come from. Sit back and relax as we take you to places both familiar and… hopefully… not.


Notes from Jonas Hjornered

It is a rare luxury waking up every morning knowing you’re going to spend the whole day surrounded by some of the most beautiful gemstones on the planet. Think about it: isn’t it unbelievable how earth took millions of years to create something this spectacular?
This book is Vladyslav Yavorskyy’s dedication to one of the rarest gemstones on our planet, the garnet. When he asked me to add some words about garnets I felt excited. For a decade I’ve been mesmerized by these gemstones, especially the tsavorite and the mandarin garnets. I can’t say exactly what it is, but I suppose a combination of its vivid rich colors, brightness and high crystallization. It is simply a gem that is full of life!
I hope this combination of garnets, nature, art and people from around the globe will inspire you as much as it has inspired us.

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