By Vladyslav Y. Yavorskyy

Tsavorite has been found in Tanzania, Madagascar and Kenya. Today this emerald green Garnet is highly sought after.
Just like other garnets, Tsavorites are rare in sizes larger than 2–3 ct. Its scarcity means it is in high demand by collectors worldwide. However tsavorite is not just a collectors stone; its rich color and good hardness make it perfect for jewelry. The rarity of tsavorite means it is seldom seen in mass-produced jewelry, but is instead the domain of colored stone connoisseurs.
The color green has always been considered among the most desirable for precious stones, as green represents the color of trees, grass, and nature. It is the color of rebirth, the color of spring, the color of renewal, the color of life itself. Emerald and jade have traditionally been the most important green gemstones, now also with Tsavorite.
Today it is almost impossible to find an emerald that has not been enhanced with oil or resin. Tsavorite garnet, which features a similarly rich color and equal rarity, owes its beauty entirely to Mother Nature, needing no enhancement beyond cutting and polishing. It’s time has come.

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