The new book by Vladyslav Y. Yavorskyy

Looking into the dark eyes of a Sri Lankan girl cutting spectacular examples of violet to purple sapphire, one is struck by the thought that both woman and sapphire possess those characteristics historically linked with the stone: wisdom, strength, nobility, and mysticism. Its color fluctuating with the light almost as if by magic, the gem’s allure perhaps also lies in the ancient connection between royalty and “the purple” originating with the ancient Phoenicians’ use of the Tyrian purple dye solely for imperial silks. Often associated with pink sapphire, their closest cousins in the corundum family, violet to purple sapphires are darker in both hue and romantic spirit, ranging from medium to dark reddish-purple to violetish-purple, with weak to vivid saturation. Rarer than blue sapphire, and typically requiring no treatment, they come from the most important corundum producing lands where the finest sapphires have long been sourced; in Asia: Kashmir, Ceylon, and Burma, and in East Africa, specifically Tanzania, and Madagascar.
But back to captivating eyes. The great Elizabeth Taylor comes to mind – a gem lover, famous for her violet eyes that were not unlike this stone that also shares two other characteristics with the star: style and grace. KC

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