The new book by Vladyslav Y. Yavorskyy

The color of rubellite is strikingly intense – so intense it could pierce your heart. It certainly remains imprinted on your eyes long after you have looked away – like the after-image of the sun. In the family of tourmalines, where every color is possible, rubellite reigns as queen. No other gem offers the collector such a complex, vibrant, hot shade of red in such large sizes.
Rubellite is most notably found in Mozambique, Madagascar, Nigeria, Brazil, Russia, Afghanistan, Burma and the United States. It grows in pegmatite veins – those rare and elusive pockets of gems that may also contain quartzes and beryls. A perfectly clear gem is a rarity, but as the story of the rubellite’s growth and origin is often told in its inclusions this merely adds another dimension to its charm.
Like all tourmalines, a rubellite is a scientific phenomenon in that it will hold an electric charge when heated. I wonder – would a rubellite hold the charge of the warmth and energy of its wearer? If ever a gem could hold a conversation with a human heart, it would be this one. SML

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