The new book by Vladyslav Y. Yavorskyy

Beryl refers to all members of the precious beryl group that are not emerald or aquamarine. The origin of the name (from the Greek beryllos) is uncertain although we do know that the German word Brille is derived from it as the earliest eyeglasses were made from colorless Beryl. Some of the color varieties, however, have their own trade names. Golden beryl, or heliodor, is the yellow, lemon/golden-yellow to greenish-yellow variety colored by iron. It is mined in Brazil, Madagascar, Namibia, Nigeria, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe. It has excellent clarity a vitreous luster and it is found in large crystals. The color is evocative of golden days on golden beaches, of pistachio and vanilla ice cream and a cool breeze caressing one’s skin. DM

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