By Vladyslav Y. Yavorskyy

Of all the sources of spinel, none has been more prolific than Burma. Indeed, that land’s Mogok Stone Tract is virtually synonymous with the crimson stones, which occur in an abundance found nowhere else on the planet. Mogok’s gem gravels produce a plethora of spinels in colors ranging from the palest shades through pastel pinks and oranges to intense hot pinks and sun-kissed hues to the richest reds. In addition, Burma’s fancy spinels show splashes of blue, green, gray, purple and violet, a virtual cornucopia of color.
Mogok’s spinels do not just shine in color, but also in luster. Many crystals occur as perfect lustrous octahedra. So shiny are they that the Burmese refer to them as “nat twe” (‘spirit polished’) and mount them in jewelry “as is.”
In addition to the Mogok Stone Tract, hot pink spinels are also obtained from Nanyazeik (aka ‘Namya’) in Burma’s wild Kachin state. -

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