Fine colored gemstones: a delightful gift of nature

The IVY treasure chest contains jewels, books and art, but the underlying objects are always unique and rare gems. Only natural and untreated, coming directly from the ground in remote gem-rich areas all over the planet, they are of specific interest and passion to Vlad Yavorskyy, the founder of this multifaceted brand. Being himself a geologist, explorer and master cutter, Yavorskyy treats each rock as an individual, tracing a story behind the stone, from the mine to a piece of art. Inspired by sublime proportions and elegant shapes of antique ages, Yavorskyy’s artistry and sense of aesthetics turns each stone into a wonderful jewel: the renowned signature cut reveals the true soul of each gem, its unique beauty, color, sparkle, and fire. The design comes from a stone, for no human can compete with Mother Nature, and this synergy of authentic beauty and master’s vision makes each gem a one-of-a-kind artwork.

Vlad Yavorskyy's unparalleled collection of rare natural colored gemstones has taken over 30 years of expertise and devotion. The variety of tones and origins makes it possible to find a perfect match in terms of color, size and flawless sparkle, to satisfy any whim or mood, as well as any occasion to wear the jewels with special dignity and glamor. Traditionally known for ages or recently discovered, all Yavorskyy gems are cut to perfection in their shape, symmetry and proportions. Ruby, sapphire, spinel, tsavorite, mandarin garnet, rhodolite, paraiba, indigo tourmaline – any of them is loved by connoisseurs of real beauty which lives in centuries. Beyond beauty, a fine gemstone is always a clever investment and a soulful heritage for every family, passing on to descendants as the essence of human virtues, with genuine awe and pride for centuries to come.
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