Pink and Blue Spinel 6.32 cts / 2 pcs



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A glittering duo of pink and blue spinels together display an exquisite harmony of color, luster and outlines. The pink spinel glistens tender rose petal hues whilst the second spinel twinkles lavender tones in a pastel grayish-blue tempo. The pair is fashioned in our signature cut that exposes the elegant proportions and symmetrical facet arrangement. Cushion shape, brilliant cut on the crown and step cut on the pavilion.

Stone type: Spinel no heat
Weight: 6.61 cts
Dimension: 9.05 x 8.10 x 5.05 mm, 9.06 x 8.54 x 5.07 mm
Color: Pink, Blue
Shape & Cut: Cushion, Yavorskyy cut
Certified: GRS

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