Pinkish-Red Spinel Burma 3.06 cts / 2 pcs

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An exquisite matching pair of Burmese spinels displaying the most prized color variety. The luminous gems exhibit a vibrant fusion of red rose flower hues. The subtle elongated cushion outlines, together with the high brilliance and hypnotic glow, add romance to the sweet pair. Cushion shape, brilliant cut on the crown and step cut on the pavilion.

Stone type: Spinel no heat
Weight: 3.06 cts / 2 pcs
Dimension: 7.92 x 5.20 x 4.52 mm, 7.95 x 5.19 x 3.65 mm
Color: Pinkish-Red
Origin: Burma (Myanmar)
Shape & Cut: Cushion, Yavorskyy cut
Certified: GRS

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