Spinel and Diamond Euryalina Earrings

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Spinel 4.54cts, Spinel 6.47cts, Ruby 0.81cts, Diamond 1.43cts, 18k gold

Our classic Euryalina design earrings set in white and rose gold. The centre body of the Euryalina is portrayed with the use of the grey spinels. Branching out, the spinels are surrounded by another set of grey spinels. This is then given a gentle finish with the classically surrounded rubies and single and full cut diamonds.

Color: Grey

***Overtones of purple, blue or lilac do not mask the body color. On the contrary, well synchronized with the multicolored light reflections, they complete a multidimensional optical effect.***

(extract from GREY SPINEL chapters of the book "Gemstones.Terra Connoisseur" by Vladyslav Yavorskyy)

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