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Namya and Luc Yen Spinels Tricolore Ring

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Cobalt Blue Spinel Vietnam 0.81 ct, Red Spinel Namya 1.44 ct, Rose-cut Diamond 1.15 ct, Diamonds 0.59 ct / 109 pcs, 18k gold

IVY signature Tricolore Ring features two most coveted gems: Red Spinel from the legendary Namya mine in Burma and Blue Spinel from another legendary Luc Yen mine in Vietnam. In-between the two color killers there is a rose-cut Diamond. Together the three stones are locked in a spiky double-diamond frame, and the sheen of the ring is set with single-cut diamonds as well. 

Each IVY Ring is one-of-a-kind and sized 6.5 (53) by default. However, it can be resized to bigger or smaller one. Please send us email with the required size prior to your purchase.

Color: Blue, Red
Certified: GRS

Origin: Burma (Myanmar), Vietnam

***The fluorescence of Namya spinels is so strong that even a tiny, pinkish gem will produce a distinct red glow in dim light.This gem is extremely rare and its scarcity both in nature and on the market has given it something close to cult status.***

(extract from RED SPINEL chapters of the book "Gemstones.Terra Connoisseur" by Vladyslav Yavorskyy)

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