Red Spinel Eclipse Earrings



Center stone
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IVY signature design of multi-shaped Red Gemstones composed together in a seamless unity. The center stone cushion Red Spinel in each piece is surrounded with eight round Red Spinels, matching precisely in color and proportion. The red ellipse is then locked in the outer rim of single-cut gemstones of red or white color, with the spikes facing inwards, leaving no gap between the gems. The Earrings are performed in 18k gold. 

Choose your Composition:
Red Spinel and Ruby
Red Spinel 1.78 ct / 2 pcs, Red Spinel 2.70 ct / 16 pcs, Ruby 0.89 ct / 64 pcs

Red Spinel and Diamond
Red Spinel 1.65 ct / 2 pcs, Red Spinel 2.67 ct / 16 pcs, Diamonds

Vibrant Red Spinel Burma
Red Spinel 1.90 ct / 2 pcs, Red Spinel 2.86 ct / 16 pcs, Red Spinel 0.79 ct / 64 pcs 

Certified: GRS

Origin: Burma (Myanmar)



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