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The new book by Vladyslav Y. Yavorskyy

Spinel from Pamir

Spinel from Pamir

Yavorskyy’s new Book is dedicated solely to the Spinel from Kuh-i-Lal mine in the Pamir mountains, its breathtaking landscapes and the local people back in the 1990s. The Black Prince’s Ruby in the Imperial State Crown of Great Britain, the 398 carats centerpiece in Russian Imperial Crown, the Timur Ruby and all historical Red Gemstones originate from this single mine. Described by Marco Polo and Al-Beruni since 11th century and even earlier, Kuh-i-Lal was yielding precious Pink and Red Gems For at least two thousand years, until it stopped operating a while ago.

Spinel From Pamir

Pamir Spinel Book

“I visited the Kuh-i-Lal mine twice in the 1990’s, and collected most wonderful Pamir Spinel Gems, as well as unique photographs of local life taken with my Leica M6 film camera. Of all the deposits of precious stones around the world, Kuh-i-lal is one of the most unreachable, and it has been closed to visitors since the beginning of the century. Among all my fellow gem collectors I am perhaps the only one who was able to go deep inside the tunnels when the mine was still functioning and the gems were still being extracted from the ground.

Spinel from Pamir


Spinel from Pamir

The recent interest in Mughal Jewels triggered my long-cherished dream to compile this book, and so I set to work. I feel now that I am bringing you something that has been a long time forming but is born as solid and timeless as a marble rock. I share with you my Kuh-i-Lal, my Pamirs, my Balas Spinel.” Vlad Yavorskyy


Spinel from Pamir

All Yavorskyy books are handcrafted; our publishing house takes exquisite care in printing and binding these original printouts manually. In the Pamir Spinel book you may notice an imprint mark on some pages which certifies that your copy belongs to the first authentic limited edition.

Spinel from Pamir

Released in 2019
Hardcover Binding cloth mounted
PRICE : US$180 (Shipping not included; shipping charges vary by country)
236 pages; 240 x 260 mm (9.5 x 10.25 inches) Full Color Throughout

Shipping costs are not included and vary by country. To proceed with your purchase, please email your shipping address to pui@yavorskyy.com for a shipping quote. All books are shipped via FedEx from Hong Kong, which typically takes 3-7 days for delivery.



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