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Mini IVY: the best jewelry to buy online with fun and confidence

The most affordable line of IVY Fine Jewelry is designed especially for online shopping experience. Modern life requires quick decisions, easy checkout and global shipment on so many occasions, but above all it requires confidence in buying the right thing. That’s why we invite you to explore Mini IVY.

For a woman of style, being gorgeous and different at every breathing moment is not a matter of compromise; it is a matter of right choice. IVY collection of laconic rings and earrings is designed to unveil the charming phenomenon of female ever-changing nature. The core idea of this jewelry line suggests that the pieces can be twisted and turned and stacked together in various combinations, up to the mood and look of the lady. Colored gemstones - the hallmark of IVY brand - in delicate compositions create an appearance enough on their own, and become absolutely irresistible when worn together.

Single-, double- and triple-stone rings in IVY signature diamond frames, flowerhead rings, ear pendants and studs feature the whole array of most favored gems: spinels, rubies, sapphires, tsavorites, mandarin garnets, aquamarines, tourmalines, moonstones and emeralds. The colors range from in-vogue pastel to all-time vivid.

Simplicity of layout, comfort of wear and appeal of price make Mini IVY a desirable treat for a fashionista. At the same time, the use of fine natural gemstones, diamonds and 18k gold in classy elegant designs provide each Mini IVY jewel with a timeless value.

Online jewelry shopping has never been easier. A pair of Mini Earrings is an ideal Christmas or Birthday gift for any girl, and you never worry about the size or price. With our complimentary worldwide shipment, your loved ones will receive the present on time, in our beautiful package, with a personalized card if you wish. A Mini IVY Ring is another perfect gift to buy on the internet, and you don’t need to wait for the sale: the value of IVY Jewelry is always higher than the money you pay.

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