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IVY Ring: the circle of life 

It is only lifetime dedication that allows a man to become a master. It is only the master who can create a work of art which is timeless, recognizable and worth an investment. Every IVY New York Ring combines the best jewelry trends in itself, be it a laconic minimalistic design, or a statement one-of-a-kind composition.

The heart of each IVY Ring for women is a fine natural Gemstone or a combination of colored stones mounted in 18k gold band, giving a lifetime value to the beautiful jewelry artwork. Thanks to the distinguished craftsmanship of artisanal setting, and solid price of Yavorskyy-cut Gemstones, IVY Rings become a perfect jewelry choice for a lady of any age, lifestyle, and social status. Rings with Gemstones always stand out in the myriad of women’s accessories, thanks to their sparkle, vibrant color, magnetic energy and investment value. Adding just a small fine stone to the simple gold band naturally multiplies the price of the ring, not only does it enhance the look and brings out the character. In case of IVY Jewelry, each gem Ring consists of natural stones of attractive colors and established Yavorskyy cut, selected manually to make a unique design.

Among all female accessories, rings are most popular and symbolical, and there are never too many rings for a graceful woman. You can buy a Purple cocktail ring for a party, a dainty thin Diamond ring for the office, a stylish geometrical Red Spinel ring for a special occasion... and you can combine them all together on one hand, or even stack them on one finger. You should also think about a special ring that will be memorable and dear for your family, the ring that you never find on sale. Almost every family has a tradition of passing their significant ring from generation to generation, keeping the precious legacy embodied in the most universal of all symbols.

Buying a new ring for yourself or your loved ones has never been easier: just visit our online jewelry shop and order your IVY Ring in a click!

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