Jewelry rings: A rainbow of sparkle

The refined IVY gemstone rings for women are popular, timeless classics unaffected by the endless waves of passing trends. Thanks to the enduring craft and value of Yavorskyy-cut gemstones, these distinctive pieces are the perfect investment. Their ageless elegance holds particular symbolic meaning to their recipient. And as this jewelry passes on from generation to generation, it becomes an heirloom cherished alongside the dearest memories of a family.

Gem rings attract with a sparkle almost hypnotic, one which conjures the imagination to tales of treasure islands waiting to be explored. Choose the jewelry from our wide IVY selection that best emulates your own personal style, color preference, and size. A splendid spinel or genuine ruby, diamond, sapphire, moonstone or aquamarine ring is always appealing.

Garnet rings are sought after for their wide spectrum of pleasing, vibrant colors, and go far beyond traditional reds. They are a treasure chest of vivid green tsavorites, Fanta orange mandarins, peachy-pink malaias, raspberry purple rhodolites, and mint green demantoids with a radiant diamond luster. Spinel is the queen of jewelry with an unparalleled brilliance, perfect durability and one of the richest color palettes any natural gemstone can have. With the world-renowned Yavorskyy-cut, all our gemstones bring the best of color and sparkle to the elegant IVY compositions, creating one-of-a-kind jewels for each unique woman.

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