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IVY Necklaces: embrace your decollete with precious Gemstones

When it comes to jewelry necklaces, the scale of importance rises far beyond casual, as you seldom see women wearing them in daily routine. With full understanding of this importance, IVY New York creates each necklace as a priceless work of art. After all, it is exactly a crown and a gorgeous necklace that comes to mind when we think of a Queen.

Surprisingly, if you need to choose one universal piece of jewelry to fit any woman and to be noticed immediately, it would be a necklace. Rings and bracelets are too far from the face and too much in action, earrings can be hidden by the hair and not even all women have their ears pierced. But necklaces are designed especially to highlight the face, the focal point of lady’s beauty.

Another reason to buy yourself a jewelry necklace is the tangible sensation that can’t compare to other accessories. The touch of natural Gemstones on your skin feels like nothing else, especially with IVY exquisite craftsmanship: we use the amount of gold just enough to hold the stones, so that you feel the delicate touch of supremely polished facets right on your skin. IVY iconic necklaces with tumbled Pink Spinel beads boast that unsurpassed tactile sensation.

A grand event, a high society reception, or a candlelight date with the future husband is a decent excuse to put on a valuable piece of jewelry art. IVY Ruby Necklace with Diamonds is the best choice for a glamorous occasion, setting the bar of splendor at the highest level. Precious Spinel works similar magic, and so does the Blue Sapphire. Decorated with a fine chain of these premium quality gems, a woman feels like a queen at a blink of the eye. Each IVY High Jewelry Necklace is a wearable state-of-the-art creation, and the best short-cut to connoisseur investment: in one piece you get a whole selection of matching precious stones, which keep growing in value as time goes by.

You don’t need to wait for a red-carpet happening to indulge in the palpable magnificence of IVY necklaces: take a look at our Chic Chains. A long, lightweight and supple gold string set with Moonstones and Spinels cut smoothly en-cabochon, will give a glamorous finish to your casual wardrobe, and you can style it in endless manners. Such a necklace is easy for online shopping because the size will fit every girl, and the price fits the big look and amount of gemstones involved. Explore the collection of gemstone necklaces with free worldwide shipment at our online jewelry shop ivynewyork.com.

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