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Handcrafted jewelry bracelets: precious and eye-catching

Even a single natural gemstone can be a great investment. How about a whole line of fine Yavorskyy-cut gems joined together in an elegant IVY composition? This is the essence of IVY bracelets. A precious gem-studded thread embraces your wrist, instilling a smooth silk-like sensation on your skin, pleasure to the eye and to the touch. Single row signature IVY bracelets are especially lightweight and perfect for casual wear. Made of only natural ever-coveted gemstones, at every glimpse they stir romantic feelings, reminding of the eternal human virtues: love, friendship, loyalty, dignity… and beauty.

It is believed that gems possess a particular power to influence one’s character and perhaps destiny. Thus, a ruby bracelet with the fire element will give confidence and enhance your energy. Blue sapphire has traditionally symbolized wisdom, while moonstone is believed to be the epitome of mysterious female nature. Spinel or garnet bracelets suit for a whole range of ever-changing girl’s mood, with their tender pink, passionate red, humble grey, vivid green, serene blue, mystic lavender or flirty purple…

Mesmerized with this vibrant colorfest? You are welcome to buy online the high jewelry items most appealing to you.

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