Proposal Rings: a definite "Yes!" to your happy future

The proposal is one of the few moments in our life which we remember with special joy, and each detail of this happy time remains a vivid memory for many years to come. Definitely, the jewel should match the occasion and it is the first considerable investment into your family life.

Designer engagement rings is an exquisite way to tell your girl how you feel about her. IVY signature designs with fine cut Yavorskyy gemstones make each jewel unique, so your fiancée will realize that her engagement ring is one-of-the-kind in the entire universe, like she is for you!

Colorful and elegant gemstone jewelry by IVY reigns in time with never wading power of vibrant sparkle to match any future bride’s caprice. The IVY selection goes far beyond the traditional diamond rings for proposal, offering a spectacular rainbow of stones of any hue one could ever dream of: from tender shades of spinel, malaia garnet, tourmaline and moonstone, through vivid tones of tsavorite, demantoid, rubellite and rhodolite, to intense deep color of sapphire, ruby or emerald.

Ready to make a proposal and searching where to buy an engagement ring? IVY online jewelry store is a wonderful place with a refined engagement collection to live in the centuries.

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