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IVY Engagement Ring: a colorful bond to your Happily Ever After

Among many purposes of jewelry, the romantic one remains perhaps the most certain, even at uncertain times. The roaring twenties have begun with unseen turbulence, and the planetary sciences observe the world entering the new era where material values will be replaced by intellectual values for another two hundred years. Even at these shifting periods - and especially during such - people tend to resort to good old traditions, the last shelter of the human soul facing the unknown future. That is why the rising degree of amorous rituals between loving people comes as no surprise.

The romance of proposal cannot be overestimated, and even the most ascetic couples bond their feelings with a timeless symbol of proposal ring. If you attach an esoteric meaning to this special event in your life, make sure that your engagement ring reflects the whole spectrum of your intentions. The classic diamond set in prongs on a gold band still makes the easiest choice for conservative couples, and there’s been no shortage in traditional diamond engagement rings since the 1950s. In recent years, however, more and more brides opt for rings with rare colored stones.

IVY Engagement Rings are synonymous with uniqueness, exceptional quality and fine taste, all the criteria to please your future wife. Which color manifests the palette of your feelings best of all? Red like the passionate fire of Ruby or Spinel? Blue like the hypnotic depth of Sapphire or Paraiba? Green like the eternal life of Emerald or Tsavorite? Or maybe she wants the engagement ring of her favorite color - Pink, Lagoon, Orange or Grey - IVY jewelry collection features fine Gemstones of all colors created by Mother Earth. Don’t limit yourself with color, design or price range: a Spinel Engagement Ring can come in various shapes and compositions, from traditional solitaire engagement ring, to the diamond-enhanced halo and cluster ring, to avant-garde one-of-a-kind piece.

We understand that buying a proposal gift is an essential part of the most amorous event in your life, that's why we turn online shopping for IVY Engagement Ring into magic and fun experience. Enjoy the preparation for the wedding of your dream!

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