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About Us

Vladyslav Yavorskyy at his work desk


My name is Vlad Yavorskyy and I have loved gems all my life. For me, cutting a stone is a work of art. Like a painting needs a frame, a gemstone needs an exquisite setting to shine its best. It was with this ambition that I began IVY Jewelry. Each IVY jewel is designed in-house and handcrafted with a unique finesse that enhances each womans beautiful and singular personality.

All of these great pursuits have led me to the discovery of so many things I cherish in life: travel, photography, art, jewelry, and book publishing. It has led me to gather together all my passions into a single artform. Because IVY is more than gemstones. IVY is a lifestyle of refined knowledge, precious moments, and artisanal beauty to share and inspire.

Explore our collection of fine gems at www.yavorskyy.com

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