• Yavorskyy & Other Stones

    Posted on September 20 2018

    Tastes differ. Facts remain. There's a lot of charm in a honey-colored Citrine, the sparkle is irresistible in Zircon, the purity is remarkable in Topaz. That is how Gemstones appeal...

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  • IVY New Arrivals: The Show Stoppers

    Posted on September 09 2018

    The busy season has just begun but we’re already overwhelmed with good news. On top of all we just launched our new Double Book. We bought some amazing new stones. Still we...

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  • See you in Hong Kong: Yavorskyy AWE 3C24

    Posted on September 06 2018

    “People are waiting for your books like they are waiting for the new iPhone”.  This is what we heard lately from a few unrelated people in different countries.  Humbled by...

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  • Sri Lanka Gems Book Opening Ceremony

    Posted on September 04 2018

    Freshly back from Sri Lanka, we are humbly glowing with appreciation. This is what happens when a single person's lifelong dedication comes in synergy with the whole country's good will...

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  • The new BOOK by Yavorskyy 📚 Burma Gems. Sri Lanka Gems.

    Posted on August 27 2018

    Two lands. Two origins. One destiny. In the history of gemstones, these two names have always been crucial. Burma Gems. Sri Lanka Gems. is a new duplex Book by Vladyslav Yavorskyy that will twist your...

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  • Ruby: the Red Profusion

    Posted on August 13 2018

    Despite Ruby being the most coveted Gemstone, the rarest and most expensive, the most celebrated and least available, Ruby is that very Gemstone that has been set in most exquisite...

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  • Paraiba: the Priceless Hypnosis

    Posted on August 06 2018

    How can you describe the most mind-boggling Gem phenomenon in modern history?  When words are helpless, numbers will do.  Tucson Gem Show 1990: $250/ct  A week later:      ...

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  • The Winning Gem Team

    Posted on July 17 2018

    The World Cup fever is in the air, and it inspired us to revise our bench warmers. The smaller Yavorskyy gemstones, usually overshadowed by the big and stunning celebrities, in...

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  • Join Yavorskyy Gems in Hong Kong June!

    Posted on June 18 2018

    What we like about Hong Kong June Show is its quiet tone and small scale. It is a perfect time to share our latest Gem acquisitions with those enjoying subtropical...

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  • Aquamarine: the Fortunate Gem

    Posted on June 05 2018

    From the Bible’s Revelations to the last month’s royal wedding sensation, Aquamarine has been the luckiest gemstone over centuries. The Blue Beryl has it all: from the eloquent name, equally poetic in all languages,...

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  • A Royal Wave: Aquamarine

    Posted on May 21 2018

    No, we are not swept away by the royal wedding tsunami. We are just riding the wave. After all, this Gem is worth mentioning. The wedding gift from Prince Harry to...

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  • Gems & Gemology 1995. The Katherina Red Spinel 123 cts

    Posted on May 19 2018

    (Extract from Gems & Gemology magazine, fall 1995, XXXI volume) "Large spinel from Tajikistan. Spinel is another gem material being recovered from this former Soviet republic in Central Asia. We...

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  • Emeralds. Ethiopia. New York Times

    Posted on May 15 2018

    While the selected fellow members of gem industry were busy preparing for GemGeneve, we personally took a sabbatical leave to enjoy the Old World. One of these days, sitting at...

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  • IVY New Arrivals: Of Blossoms And Gems

    Posted on May 07 2018

    Spring is in full bloom and IVY collection is flourishing, too. We have just uploaded some pieces from the recent production and you are among the first ones to enjoy....

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  • Origins of Inspiration: Swan Lake

    Posted on April 22 2018

    As unmistakably as we recognize Mona Lisa at first glance, each of us can name that tune at first sound: Dance of the Little Swans by Tchaikovsky, the allegro moderato you cannot...

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  • From Rough to Cut: Emerald over 70cts no oil

    Posted on April 04 2018

    The thrill of Gemstone Cutting gets even more exciting when you deal with truly Precious and delicate materials. Emerald is known as one of the most challenging stones as its...

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  • Gem Trends: Jedi Spinel

    Posted on March 14 2018

    "Do you have Jedi Spinel?" - this was the most popular question during the past Gem Show in Hong Kong for us. Impressed by the consistent interest of our Mainland...

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  • Hong Kong March Show AWE #11-E17

    Posted on February 24 2018

    Come catch Yavorskyy Gems at the Hong Kong Gem Show this week (Feb 27 - Mar 03).  We will be back with our dazzling collection of natural and untreated Yavorskyy cut...

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  • Happy Lunar New Year!

    Posted on February 16 2018

    Yellow Sapphire, Moonstone and other lucky 2018 signs This year a new lunar cycle begins on 16th February.In the East 2018 is believed to be hosted by the Yellow Dog.   A...

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  • Many Shades of Love

    Posted on February 07 2018

    Two things are certain for the Americans in February: the Tucson Gem Show and the Valentine’s Day. Having just finished the first one, we are still looking forward to the...

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  • See you in Tucson! Yavorskyy GJX 417

    Posted on January 23 2018

    Can we dream of a brighter start of the year than a myriad of minerals and gems spread over the desert of Arizona... this is Tucson! Come join us from 30th...

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  • Happy Gemstones Book Anniversary!

    Posted on January 10 2018

    Happy Anniversary to "Gemstones. Terra Connoisseur"! It's been one year since the official release of the Book that proved to be a true bestseller and a new groundbreaker. Our best...

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  • Happy New Year 2018!

    Posted on December 30 2017

    May the New Year 2018 fill your life with joy and harmony!PLAY with opportunities,GLOW with happiness,SPARKLE with ideas. Warm wishes from IVY / Yavorskyy

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  • Top 3 Gemstones of 2017: 💯 Africa

    Posted on December 25 2017

    It’s been a good year! It has surprised and delighted us in many ways. Here is our chart of the biggest Gem highlights of 2017:  RUBY • MOZAMBIQUE  It was...

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  • Ready To Celebrate Gemstones

    Posted on December 21 2017

    How do you treat your Gemstones? Do you lock them in a bulletproof vault? Or do you display them behind a glass in your office museum? Maybe you love playing...

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  • From Rough to Cut: The King of the Ocean 150cts

    Posted on December 15 2017

    "No matter traveling or photography, Gem Cutting always remains my biggest passion. In the summer we got the news from our good miner friend in Africa: a spectacular Tourmaline Crystal...

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  • Antique Red Spinel Bangle sold at Christie’s and still available at Yavorskyy

    Posted on December 08 2017

    A Red Spinel Bangle was sold at November Christie’s Auction for over 60000 USD. The price fetched was four times higher than the initial estimate. The sale vividly illustrates the rising interest...

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  • Gem Hunting in Sri Lanka... Now!

    Posted on November 30 2017

    It’s been just half a year since our recent Sri Lankan trip, and we are back here again at the moment. This time we are heading north to discover new territories...

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  • Underwater Gemstones: Colors of the Other Reality

    Posted on November 24 2017

    In his search for colored gemstones, Vlad Yavorskyy has reached the world’s most remote corners, climbed the highest mountains and went down the deepest caves. This year we challenged the...

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  • IVY Reflections

    Posted on November 18 2017

    “Customs and convictions change; respectable people are the last to know, or to admit, the change, and the ones most offended by fresh reflections of the facts in the mirror...

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  • Yavorskyy Cutting Rubies

    Posted on November 09 2017

    Maybe this November we missed the World Ruby Forum and a couple of Ruby Auctions because of our performance at Gem-A in London... but we don't miss any beautiful Gem...

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  • IVY New Artsite

    Posted on October 19 2017

    After long years of building, re-building and polishing, we are finally making it happen. The new IVY web platform combines all our dimensions in one: Gemstones, Jewelry, Book, Art and...

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  • Madagascar-2: Drones, Gems and Baobabs

    Posted on October 12 2017

    It's been two months, and we already miss Madagascar. Compared to last year, this summer we were fully equipped with hi-tech gear and our adventurous Mada-settled friend's 4WD ranger. After...

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  • Yavorskyy Speaking in London at GEM-A Conference

    Posted on September 28 2017

    This November we’ll be doing something we have never done before. After multiple invitations, Vlad Yavorskyy has finally agreed to give a speech at the major annual gemological event. Those...

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  • Terra Spinel Sold at Record $1000 for One Book

    Posted on September 21 2017

    September Hong Kong show proved that Spinel is indeed one of the most wanted gems, and we officially faced a new Spinel record. Congratulations to the lucky owner of the world...

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  • 3 Good Reasons to Visit Yavorskyy In September

    Posted on September 21 2017

    Firstly,  we got a parcel of amazingly beautiful and truly Red Rubies! They are freshly cut and ready to melt your heart – just like they did conquer the heart of the...

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  • Investment Gemstones

    Posted on September 21 2017

    Fine gemstones can be more than just beauty, rarity and desirability. At times of economical instability and financial insecurity like nowadays, more and more people resort to gemstones as a...

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  • From Rough to Cut: Tsavorite 55 Carats

    Posted on September 21 2017

    Dedicate one-and-a-half minute of your time to enjoying this flowing musical video revealing all stages of fine gem cutting by Vladysalv Yavorskyy. This time we have a fifty-five carat rough...

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  • Origins of Inspiration: Nights in the Gardens of Spain

    Posted on September 21 2017

    Noches en los jardines de España… the mere sound of these words evokes a vivid image of sultry Spanish patios… the smell of oranges and the juice of pomegranates… silk...

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  • Yoga in the Backlight

    Posted on July 22 2017

    When a gemstone lover takes a deep breath and a decent break, changing his colorful rocks for colorful corals, castaway on a Papuan island in the middle of nowhere… Inspired...

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  • Hong Kong Gem and Jewelry Show

    Posted on June 18 2017

    Yavorskyy recent acquisitions of fine gems and IVY selected jewelry... what a brilliant excuse to visit Hong Kong in summer. Come join us 22-25 June in HKCEC, Grand Hall D-17. ...

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  • Hollywood Trending Red Precious Stone

    Posted on June 13 2017

    Very seldom you can see us in a cinema. Even more seldom they show something worth talking about. This time though we spotted something peculiar we'd like to share. In...

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  • Gem Mining Trip to Elahera: Family Values

    Posted on June 03 2017

    With our sincere compassion to those suffering now from the floods in Sri Lanka. May this article remind us of this beautiful country in its quiet days, and let us...

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  • Red Spinel Sold at Bonhams

    Posted on April 30 2017

    With the elegant emerald cut and weight of 5.30cts, this fine Red Spinel from Burma is mounted in a ring circa 1915. At the Thursday's Bonhams sale, the superb Spinel...

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  • Gemstones Book Meets Amazon and Other Stories

    Posted on April 24 2017

    The luckiest readers got a signed copy at the gem shows. The early birds managed to order a Christmas present on the website. The majority though had to wait. ....

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  • Photo Report: Art Paris 2017

    Posted on April 19 2017

    Neighboring with the Al Thani’s magnificent jewels, Art Paris fair took place under the glass-domed roof of the Grand Palais. The City of Light gave only four days to dive into the melting...

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  • Baselworld 2017

    Posted on March 15 2017

    Three continents, three crucial gem venues, and only two months to tackle it all. Not many have made it this year, but Yavorskyy is still heading for Basel. Don't miss...

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  • Yavorskyy at Hong Kong March Show

    Posted on February 20 2017

    After the rewarding launch of the Gemstones Book in America, we are bringing the trend back to Asia. Meet Yavorskyy gems on February 28 - March 4 at AWE, Treasures of...

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