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Gemstone Jewelry
Fine cut Yavorskyy Gems with a story behind


IVY Jewelry: Discover the World of Colored Stones in Each One-Of-A-Kind Piece

IVY New York is home to the world’s finest jewelry with colored stones.

How can you create a collection around natural Gemstones to be recognized and identified in the discerning world of haute joailerie? The secret is in the person who stands behind the brand. Vlad Yavorskyy has collected colored gems for over 30 years, developed his iconic gem cutting style and earned respect as the premium quality stone master. Yavorskyy’s passion for beautiful Gemstones led him to creating IVY Jewelry: a selection of top quality natural stones set together in elegant designs.

The high quality of stones and craftsmanship, together with elegant and eye-catching designs allow IVY Jewelry to maintain the premium level of luxury items. In each IVY piece you will find a natural gemstone of the world-renowned Yavorskyy-cut, mined from the most exotic places on the planet: Vivid Green Tsavorite Garnet, Blue Sapphire, Red and Pink Spinel, Indigo Tourmaline, Aquamarine, Orange Mandarin Garnet, Lavender and Grey Spinel, Ruby, Rhodolite, Rubellite, Chrysoberyl… you name it!

What helps to bring out the color and sparkle of precious Gemstones, is the unconventional selection of old-cut and rose-cut Diamonds. These diamonds, bought from second-hand jewelry, recyclable and environmentally-friendly, posses the unique character and charm. Unlike modern standardized whte gems, each of IVY diamonds is slightly different from another, still complementing each other in perfect symmetry and proportion. This brings the signature antique look to the contemporary IVY compositions.

IVY New York was originally founded in the United States back in the 1990s, hence the name. Nowadays it is a global Jewelry store allowing everyone on the globe to shop for fine Jewels online, with complementary worldwide shipment. The price of IVY pieces is commanded by the Gemstones set inside, and the best thing about natural stones is that they keep growing in value with time… as long as the stones are rare, natural, desirable and well-cut, which is true for every Yavorskyy Gem in each piece of IVY Jewelry.

With all the objects of art, luxury and fashion available for sale in the contemporary world, it is still hard to buy something with a genuine value to it. That’s why we create each IVY Ring, Earring, Bracelet or Necklace to make you inherit a piece of timeless beauty, uncompromised quality and one-of-a-kind design.


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