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The Complete Yavorskyy Book Collection 🎁

Meet the champion of heavy-lifting New Year gifts in the history of Gemstones 🏆
December 2021 marks the compilation of ALL seven Yavorskyy Books in one set, starting from 2010’s Terra Spinel and up to 2020’s NudeGem.
Printed consistently to the golden standard with the same premium publisher, all our Books fit so smoothly in one handcrafted Red Box.
An unfairly limited edition of only 5 Complete Boxes of Yavorskyy Books - this is our big New Year's surprise!

7 Book

We still believe in the magical power of printed fine quality photobooks. We believe in the thrill of collecting those books and savouring them page by page, photo by photo. And we are not alone in our faith.

7 books

An unparalleled present for someone you really value, this Red Box is destined to bring prosperity and good luck to the giver and receiver in 2022 and for years to come. Above all, it will reserve you a special place in the universe of gem lovers... and in Vlad Yavorskyy's very own heart 😇 Here is the author's personal message to you, enjoy and hurry up to order your Complete Collection!

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