3 Good Reasons to Visit Yavorskyy In September

Posted on September 21 2017

Firstly,  we got a parcel of amazingly beautiful and truly Red Rubies! They are freshly cut and ready to melt your heart – just like they did conquer the heart of the biggest Spinel lover, for the first time ever.

But don’t get mislead by our new Ruby trend: we’re still hot on Spinel and will always be. Our new pocket of juicy Mahenge Spinels has just been Yavorskyy-cut to make you stop and stare.


Finally, please note our new location: this year we’ve changed our booth and looking forward to seeing you in a new spot! Yavorskyy booth 3C24, HKCEC (airport). Come join our Red Feast on 13-17 September!

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