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Angel Cut Spinels

The Burmese believe that spinel crystals are cut by angels. Indeed, how else can one explain the divine aesthetics of the smooth shiny faces, shaping a perfect spinel octahedron?..

Angel cut spinels 1.81 ct / 2 pcs Angel cut spinels 1.81 ct / 2 pcs

Rough spinel crystals better than any other gem-quality material reflect the hardly achievable ideal of a gem lover: remarkably beautiful, purely natural, with no human touch to its inner and even outer essence. This gives spinel another strong point in the rhetorical debate over the most fascinating stone in the world. In fact, the crystals can be additionally polished by a lapidary, but only to emphasize the authentic phenomenon.

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Perhaps there is indeed a heavenly manufacture, where angels mould manna into sweet-colored rocks, cut them into double pyramids, polish the faces until impeccably smooth... and then disperse the gems from above, scarcely and secretly hidden in the lands of Mogok. Or maybe it is just and earthy metamorphic process that builds formations beautiful enough to be worn as a brilliant piece of jewelry, without any touch to it.
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Believe in legends or not, angel cut spinel makes anyone undoubtedly believe in the exquisite taste and artistic skills of Mother Nature, creating pieces of sublime beauty all on her own.
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