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Antique Red Spinel Bangle sold at Christie’s and still available at Yavorskyy

A Red Spinel Bangle was sold at November Christie’s Auction for over 60000 USD. The price fetched was four times higher than the initial estimate. The sale vividly illustrates the rising interest in antique traditional gem jewelry from Burma, and we are very happy about the trend.
This unmistakable model of bangle is highly valued by collectors for the array of vibrant red crystal gems, well known as Angel Cut Spinels, unique to Burma. Naturally, even one Gem like this is quite a coveted rarity these days, let alone the whole set of fine matching Spinel crystals at once in the original setting.
Luckily, we still have a couple of those signature bangles not displayed at auctions yet, with the price open for discussion. And some good news for jewelers and designers: we also have a unique collection of Angel Cut Burma Crystals, single and grouped, available online at our user-friendly website.
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