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From Rough to Cut: Emerald over 70cts no oil

The thrill of Gemstone Cutting gets even more exciting when you deal with truly Precious and delicate materials. Emerald is known as one of the most challenging stones as its extremely hard to handle as a crystal. While faceting a piece of Emerald Rough, not only you determine the fundamental beauty factors of the future gem, in terms of the axis orientation, size, shape and color distribution (Beryl Family minerals are double refractive and pleochroic). But one would also have to deal with Emerald’s overwhelming inner world to achieve maximum clarity, especially if we speak of a natural crystal with no clarity enhancement, no oil inside! As soon as you celebrate closing the window, a big fissure appears on the pavilion... and just when you try to smoothen the chips, the surface looses its luster.... and so on. Faceting a precious Emerald is a continuous fight with its capricious character.
This time Vlad Yavorskyy is cutting a large Emerald crystal from Ethiopia. He aimed to create a beautiful faceted stone of classic emerald cut and intense vivid green color, to yield maximum possible weight, to deliver the luster and glow in the final Gem. In fact, it took him few months just to study the rough and think over the preshape, and after another five times of recutting the Gem until he is happy with the result below.
Meet the new born Super Gem: No Oil Emerald over 10 carats Yavorskyy cut. 
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