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From Rough to Cut: Tsavorite 55 Carats

Dedicate one-and-a-half minute of your time to enjoying this flowing musical video revealing all stages of fine gem cutting by Vladysalv Yavorskyy. This time we have a fifty-five carat rough Tsavorite garnet flying to us straight from Komoro mine in Tanzania. A spectacular clean crystal with the color of the African jungle turns into an elegant vivid green lustrous cushion in front of your eyes. A Master Cutter always works with the finest natural rough material, each time striving to create a lapidary masterpiece out of a shapeless rock.

Want to learn more about gem cutting in an unconventional poetic way? Enjoy the special cutting chapter in our Gemstones Book, watch more videos on our YouTube channel and see the fine results on our website .


The Master Cutters know exactly what it means to “cut” a gem. It is the cutter who must commit himself, burden himself with a challenge. It is the cutter who studies the rough with minute precision to determine the orientation of a gem. So the essence of the craft of cutting lies in the preforming stage – this is when the destiny of a gem is shaped.
The lapidary holds a piece of rough in his hand like he might a set of dice, and peers into it as if it were a crystal ball. Cutting is gambling. A gambler may fear the risk, but the jackpot is simply too good to resist. One thing makes cutting more seductive than any other kind of gambling: jus price noctis, the right to be first, the thrill of anticipation. The cutter is the first and only one to touch the nature of the gem with his fingers, to see its soul with his eyes, to foretell its future with his heart, his intuition and expert vision…
(extract from the GEM CUTTING chapter of the book ‘Gemstones. Terra Connoisseur’ by Vladyslav Yavorskyy www.gemstonesbook.com)
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