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IVY New York earring with tsavorite and diamonds
IVY New York earring with tsavorite and diamonds

Now that a Christmas season has begun, the air is filled with festive vibes, and the interiors are dominated by two major colors – red and green. The classic combination of joy and freshness, fur trees and gift boxes has developed into a strong aesthetical association over the years of celebration in the modern world. As surely as we correlate red color with love, passion and flame, when it comes to green we undoubtedly imply nature, balance, health and wealth and life itself.

R1475 IVY New York ring with tsavorite, ruby and diamonds

Throughout cultures, nations and generations green color has always been empowered with numerous positive connotations. Most commonly and logically, it has always symbolized natural growth, vitality and rebirth. In more practical terms, sages of the past believed that green possesses distinct healing properties, thus they would use green attributes to enhance people's health. In the Vedic tradition, green is the color of Anahata – the heart chakra, filling your body with nurturing energy of joy, compassion and love to yourself and others. Love was also colored in green in Ancient Greek and Roman pantheons, and the Celts associated green with fertility. Energy-wise, green produces both soothing and invigorating effect. A cup of peppermint tea would help you release stress before bedtime, whereas a sip of South American green mate would give you a burst of vitality.   

IVY New York ring with tsavorite and diamonds IVY New York ring with tsavorite and diamonds

In the contemporary world the concept of green has advanced far beyond mere coloristic meanings. Day by day, place by place it gives us “green light” – not only literally, but figuratively as well, implying safety and permission, as opposed to danger and prohibition of red. Green has firmly penetrated into ecology, politics, economics and elsewhere as an all-sufficient notion, and it has even become used as a verb. “Go green – keep it on the screen” and other mottos encourage the people of the 21st century to save forests and think ahead of what we will bequeath to our children. Last but not least, green is a universally understood synonym of prosperity and wellbeing, which nourishes a lush garden of the color's fortunate meanings. 

Whether you believe that green is good for your health, or it would make your budget flourish, or it would help you calm down and find harmony within yourself – these notions are truly attractive, but still optional. The sure thing is that each fine tsavorite gem, specially coveted by IVY New York, lives its little life that every human dreams of – purely natural, vivid, clear, sparkling, everlasting and evergreen.

IVY New York ring with tsavorite and diamonds
IVY New York ring with tsavorite and diamonds

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