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Happy Independence Day: Photo Flashback

On this special day, we at IVY New York celebrate the free spirit of one world. It is through places, cultures and people that one learns the essential virtues. [powr-photo-gallery id=9f0f4eb7_1501031007] Vlad Yavorskyy's journey throughout life has brought along hundreds of gemstones, thousands of friends and millions of smiles. [powr-photo-gallery id=a52142c5_1501031249] For over twenty years he was collecting those precious moments. A series of soulful monochrome photography was born gradually: from old-school film developing in the red room, to hi-tech digital photo processing. [powr-photo-gallery id=12618975_1501032222] In 2015, the best shots were compiled in this very personal Book, fully dedicated to the lifelong traveling of the passionate wanderer. [powr-photo-gallery id=5d46c6fc_1501032538] The names of those met on the road are listed in the Book, as a token of credit and friendship. [powr-photo-gallery id=3087414c_1501032828] The road to gems is paved with good impressions... ​ Never stop moving.

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