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Hollywood Trending Red Precious Stone

Very seldom you can see us in a cinema. Even more seldom they show something worth talking about. This time though we spotted something peculiar we'd like to share. In the newest Pirates of the Caribbean, adventurous young folks together with washed-out Captain Jack Sparrow are hunting for the epic Trident of Poseidon, which will bring its master control of all seas. But to work the miracle, the Trident needs to be equipped with a Red Stone, once set in a diary of a brave astronomer girl... In the latest Mummy, another world-conquering weapon has all eyes on it: an ancient Egyptian dagger crowned with a large Red Stone. Once the awakened dead princess gets hold of the artefact, she only needs to stab her chosen - and easily grab back the power over the whole world.
photo Any wonder that the whole party is hunting for a Red Precious Stone in both blockbusters? Indeed, what another scenic object would you endow with such fascinating power of ruling the world.  Isn't it remarkable how Hollywood screenplays independently follow the same tendency? Join the trend with us J
Follow the tag #RedPreciousStone to hunt for real tangible gems, available to buy! - to work their magic beyond the screen.
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