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How We Make Jewelry: The Craft Of Finesse

Some jewels are pretty. Some jewels are important. Some jewels are made to wear, while others are rather works of art, meant for a museum display. The IVY creations have it all: pieces of high art to be worn by charming women.  In each IVY jewel, there is a long romantic story behind… and most beautiful natural gems within.

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From 1993, Vlad Yavorskyy has left no stone unturned seeking perfection – both in gem cutting and jewelry making. After years of those restless, painful and often desperate trials, the level of desired perfection was finally reached. Ever since, the devoted team of artisans has never changed, performing their long-mastered secrets in exquisite IVY works.

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All original designs are born in the Master’s imagination, and each of them is inevitably inspired by gems. IVY jewelry is all about gemstones. It is destined to reveal the beauty of natural precisely cut stones in most elegant patterns, not distracted by tons of metal. Not only metal increases the weight, making most of other jewelry agonizing to wear, it also hinders the revelation of stones themselves, disguising the sheer beauty under heavy metallic constructions.

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In each jewel our stones marry each other; they are set close side by side, touching and kissing, forming a jointless indivisible entity. Gems are the heart and the core of each jewel, and metal only serves as a supporting framework.

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Leave alone paper sketches, the Gem Master is privileged to visualize an idea right away with his sparkling babies. He picks the stones from his collection and plays out the design on a piece of mold, after which it is converted in a hi-tech 3D file for the jeweler to embark on.

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From scratch to finish, each piece of jewelry is made by the very same person, with his soul fully into the piece. The entire process is performed manually, carefully controlled and perfected at every stage. Every angle of every tiniest stone is precisely measured, which can lead to dozens of setting adjustments for each single prong. Every micro detail is soldered to another by hand, which can lead to thousands of solderings in one piece. Thanks to the specially developed signature alloy, IVY gold – rose, yellow and white – holds a very pleasant color tone and beneficial physical properties.

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We principally adhere to classic soldering rather than laser to avoid any pores in the metal, that is why our jewelry lasts forever without falling apart or losing the stones. The microscopic finesse is followed throughout the whole jewel, inside out, with the back part woven in a neat golden lace, worth wearing as a front face on its own.

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It took us years to elaborate the unique locks for earrings, size-adjusting parts for bracelets and other extra-firm fittings, so that you wear IVY pieces with supreme comfort, light weight and security.

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IVY jewels may take years to produce. We carefully select finest natural gemstones from all over the world, right from the source. We may waste kilograms of rough material during the lapidary process until reaching the perfect cut.

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We collect stones in large batches, arranged by size, shape and shade of color, so that in ten years it becomes possible to select a matched pair of gems for merely one pair of earrings. We select a range of fitting diamonds, specially collected throughout years, to adorn the centerpiece and complete the design. Then we wait for another six to weight months for the jewel to be hand-made, with exceptional craftsmanship and meticulous care at every step. Each our creation is a precious fruit of long demanding hard work, a feast of proportional harmony and timeless elegance.

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Like 1001 Arabian nights, each IVY jewel is a mystery: you may know the plot, you may learn some lines by heart, but a fairytale will never come to an end, one romance flowing into another… an infinite narrative by the eloquent story-teller.

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