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Investment Gemstones

Fine gemstones can be more than just beauty, rarity and desirability. At times of economical instability and financial insecurity like nowadays, more and more people resort to gemstones as a perfect investment alternative. Compared to property, stock, art and other traditional sources, a selected number of rare natural gemstones represent undeniable all-time valuables and keep growing in price. Vlad Yavorskyy shares his point on some gemstones that worth an investment.

Ruby no heat 7.41 ct / 2 pcs, Rose cut Diamonds 8.79 ct / 18 pcs, Ruby 2.35 ct / 213 pcs, Diamonds 0.95 ct / 186 pcs, 18K Gold

The elevating recognition of Spinel is not a surprise, but a well-deserved reward for all the historical legacy, centuries-old importance and indisputable beauty of the gem. When I started to buy spinels twenty years ago, they were sold in heaps for a penny, but it didn’t stop me from investing in them – on the opposite, I had a strong sure feeling of their upcoming rise. My intuition didn’t let me down, and the popularity of spinel has been growing steadily, increasing the demand and the price, accordingly. Given that the production of gem-quality spinel is wearing off, and the market for it has always been quite exclusive, the stone becomes more and more rare, and rarity raises the gem value even more drastically than beauty.

Red Spinel 2.07 ct, Diamonds 2.47 ct / 2 pcs, Ruby 0.40 ct / 50 pcs, Diamonds 0.14 ct / 41 pcs, 18K Gold

Spinel is absolutely one of the prime stone to invest in, alongside with untreated ruby, sapphire (of few colors), real no-oil large emerald (not existing practically) and colored diamond. The whole package is there: historical resurrection and final recognition (centerpiece of the world’s most famous crowns and Royal jewels), well-reputed origin, exceptional undeniable beauty, rarity, authenticity (unlike other prized gems, spinel is normally untreated and fully natural), durability (can be worn for ages in jewelry and glows in any light), right spectrum of colors (red and blue are favored by most cultures and traditions, while the perfect pure pink of spinel cannot be seen in any other gem), and everlasting seducing mystery, above all.

Fancy brown orange color Diamond 12.07 ct, Diamonds 1.43 ct / 2 pcs, 18K Gold

When it comes to investment spinel, there is quite a variety of options. Vivid Red spinel from Mogok, clean and well-cut, is worth buying even in a small size. Same for the cobalt blue spinel from Luc Yen – so rare and strikingly beautiful it is, that even a tiny gem is worth a budget (if you ever find it at all). Pink spinel from both Burma and Pamir, Mahenge red spinel and lavender spinel can be found in larger loupe-clean crystals of elegant cut, and will keep growing in price.

Red Spinel 14.43 ct, Diamonds 1.05 ct / 2 pcs, 18K Gold

Natural Blue Sapphire, Ruby or Colored Diamond have never been questioned in investment value, and I cannot deny their worthiness. Even more to that, I believe it’s important to set objective beauty above the name and not get trapped by labels or prejudice. These gemstones have been praised for centuries and they are classic investment pieces, as long as we talk quality, size and cut.

Blue Sapphire no heat Sri Lanka 12.75 ct / 2 pcs, Diamonds 4.17 ct / 24 pcs, Diamonds 0.11 ct / 18 pcs, 18K Gold

As for the recently emerged gems, I will certainly emphasize Tsavorite as the most promising fine gemstone. The true value of this vivid green Garnet is yet to be recognized but the tendency for its growth is already clear. Tsavorite chapter in our recent Gemstones Book vividly explains why this is one of the top Gemstones to invest in now.

Tsavorite 15.48 ct              Pink spinel 40.04 ct

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