Madagascar-2: Drones, Gems and Baobabs

It's been two months, and we already miss Madagascar. Compared to last year, this summer we were fully equipped with hi-tech gear and our adventurous Mada-settled friend's 4WD ranger. After the unbeatable Ilakaka rush in 2016, we couldn't hope for more, but the new discoveries surpassed any expectations... again.  
Enjoy our selection of new-age drone videos from up above, far away from touristic routes. Marvel at the staggering aerial view of a baobab forest in the South-West Madagascar, where hardly any tourist reach. Feel the beat and face the thrill of Ilakaka's gem miners seeing a flying drone for the first time in their lives!   
And please click on the top video, very special and important to us. A simple Malagasy girl from a mining village caught our attention last year and we put her portrait in our Gemstones Book. This year we came again and there she is - finding herself in the world's bestseller! We hope you enjoy this touching story and other exciting videos on our YouTube channel from the wild.  
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