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Mandarin Garnet

Mandarin Garnet

Featuring stunning sun-kissed hues, mandarin garnet is a variety of spessartine. Owing its color to a dash of manganese, this gorgeous garnet evokes dreams of tropical sunrises and desert sunsets. Mandarin garnet is found in only a few magical places in the world. The most famous localities are in Namibia and Nigeria, but sadly those mines are exhausted. Extremely fine mandarin garnets are also found in Tanzania and Myanmar. Like virtually all garnets, mandarin garnets are untreated.

mg Mandarin Garnet

Mandarin garnet is all about color. Many who see the vivid “Fanta” orange gem for the first time cannot believe their eyes. “Is this real?” they wonder. Yes, it is. The color blazes like the sun itself. There are different flavors of mandarin garnet. It can be found in yellow-orange, pure vivid orange, or brownish-orange, with various saturations for each. Which is most desirable? This is a personal choice for each collector.

Mandarin Garnet crystal Mandarin Garnet crystal

Demand for large, fine mandarin garnets is much higher than supply. This rare gem will definitely escalate in price, joining the ranks of other gems such as paraíba tourmaline and red spinel.
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