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Mini IVY

For a woman of style, possessing an intriguing and individual appearance at every breathing moment is not a matter of compromise. It is a matter of right choice and flawless taste.

Top2 Mini IVY ear studs with spinels.

7 Mini IVY rings with rhodolite, pink spinel, iolite, pearl and diamonds.

IVY new collection is designed to unveil the charming phenomenon of female ever-changing yet never-fading nature. The core concept of this jewelry line suggests that the pieces can be manipulated in any direction and stacked together in various combinations, up to the mood and look of the lady. Each jewel displays finest natural gemstones – the hallmark of IVY brand – in petite delicate compositions which create an appealing appearance on their own, and become striking when combined. Single-, double- and triple-stone rings in signature diamond frames, classic flowerhead and unusual asymmetrical ringsfeatherlight ear pendants and studs feature the whole array of most celebrated stonesspinels, rubies, sapphires, tsavorites, mandarin and color-change garnets, demantoids, aquamarines, tourmalines, moonstones and emeralds. The colours of the gems range from in-vogue pastel to all-time vivid, providing the lady with a dynamic choice for every single occasion. 

Each IVY jewel, be it high-end or laconic, is created with exceptional craftsmanship and thorough selection of Yavorskyy-cut gemstones and diamondsThe distinctive flair for most elegant shapes, proportions and color fusions makes each item unmistakably recognizable, even when worn on its own. When worn as a set, the mini jewels splendidly widen horizons of female singularity, making her look beyond special.   

Bright lights and cityscapesfire of precious gems in urban scenes… Each day may be of different shape and color, but the chic sparkle and natural finesse stay there invariably, as the perpetual essentials of femininity.

 Mini IVY rings with tsavorite, spinel, tourmaline, color change garnet, demantoid garnet and diamonds                Mini IVY rings with ruby, moonstones and diamonds.

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