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Namya: The Name for the Neon Red

The word 'Burma' has an almost magical effect on the gem world that cannot be underestimated. Even mentioning that it comes from a particular Burmese mine can make a gem far more recognizable… and desirable. This is certainly what happens in the case of a Namya spinel.

Unique selection of fine red Namya spinels, production of 2002 Unique selection of fine red Namya spinels, production of 2002

At the dawn of the 20th century a fascinating discovery was made in Northern Myanmar. It was a new deposit of spinel that was quite unlike the classic ‘royal’ red spinel from Mogok. This find would expand the horizons of gem color perception. For the gems it revealed could only be said to glow with a hot, neon intensity that had never before been seen. The bright, pure, colors - from candy floss pink to vivid red - with no hint of black, enchanted buyers. Demand for the stones is consistently high and it this coupled with their regrettably limited production that accounts for the prime market value of the Namya spinel.

Namya Spinel (Naya, Nanya) from Burma buy online collector gem Crystal Namya spinel

Namya (also known as Naya, Nanya or Nanyazeik) is a small village lying deep in the jungle. This is one of the wildest forests in the world, where flooding, tropical diseases and violence are all serious hinderances to gem mining. No wonder that only a few gem hunters have made it to Namya, compared to other deposits in Myanmar with better accessibility.

Namya (Nanya, Naya) mine in Burma Namya forest

Namya also produces fine rubies as well as spinels in other colors. The ‘hot pink’ are among the most coveted, but the pinkish-red gems are our own favorites. The tumbled rough crystals seldom come in big sizes now, even though pieces as large as ten carats used to be found. Needless to say that when it comes to especially precise Yavorskyy-cut, a gem loses even further in weight, instead gaining in beauty. So finished stones are rarely even 2 carats in weight.

Namya Spinel (Naya, Nanya) from Burma buy online collector gem Namya red spinel 1.24 ct

Yavorskyy gems is proud to have a unique selection of fine red spinels from Namya's production in 2002. Each of the seven stones strikes a viewer with its electrifying neon effect. The 1.24ct spinel is a subject of our particular admiration: elegant proportions and strictly symmetrical facet architecture reveal the brilliance, clarity and spectacular crystallisation of the vividly saturated red gem. The fluorescence of Namya spinels is so strong that even a tiny gem will glow distinctly in dim light. The color teases and mesmerises, drawing and holding the eyes. This gem is very rare indeed and its scarcity both in nature and on the market has given it something close to cult status. That is why the name of this small village in the jungle will always mean something special to gem lovers… something hot, sweet, pure and extremely hard to get. 

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Namya Spinel (Naya, Nanya) from Burma buy online collector gem Red spinel Namya
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