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 IVY New York ring with mandarin garnet and diamonds

The only color of the spectrum that took its original name after a fruit, orange bursts the grey chores of our mundane life with a splash of fresh juice and a flash of sunshine. Orange is there to cheer up and radiate, revitalize and motivate for action. It is a color of gladness, energy and adventure – joie de vivre at its best.

E1457IVY New York earring with mandarin garnet and diamonds

Symbolically and aesthetically, in western cultures orange is the color of autumn and harvest. Flamboyant patchwork of pumpkin, carrot and straw dominates autumn interiors as surely as a fusion of green and red inundates Christmas surroundings. Eastern cultures tend to associate the color with the inside rather than the outside. Generally, for Asian people orange means spirituality, detachment of materialism and, therefore, happiness. In Hinduism, a soft variety of orange – saffron – is considered to be sacred. Humble Buddhist monks in orange robes are virtually indispensible in a typical Southeast Asian traveller image. Not only people of spirit, but also people of royal blood have historically favored orange: so, it is the national color in the Netherlands, signifying the Royal Dutch Family.

R14141 IVY New York ring with mandarin garnet and diamonds

Psychology-wise, orange is related to innermost instincts, as opposed to physiology of red and mentality of green. It is believed to stimulate various natural wills, most prominent of which is appetite. That is why crafty restaurants tempt their clients with terracotta tables, chefs season their dishes with a pinch of curry, and confectioners serve their cake with a physalis flower. Apart from a desire to eat, orange is considered to encourage a desire to think and talk. That is how, perhaps, it has become a symbol of social communication and intellectual activity in the modern world. Besides, it brings people courage, emotional strength and enthusiasm for life even in the saddest times. Beauty-wise, orange is presented in a wide range of amazing vivid and pastel colors – from apricot and macaroni to ginger and salamander.

On these long winter days, you find yourself lounging in a cozy hazelwood armchair, covered with a soft warm blanket, watching the leaves falling from the trees… in one hand you are holding a mug with hot ginger and cinnamon tea, and in the other hand you are holding a ripe mandarin fruit… or a mandarin garnet! No sweets can treat the heart of a tasteful lady the way a sparkling natural gemstone does. The striking beauty effect of mandarin garnet owes to its vibrant color as well as to exceptional brilliancy and great clarity of the stone. Performed in our signature cut and finely proportioned classic shape, each mandarin garnet in IVY jewels transmits ardent vibes of fiery African sunset, so longed for on these chilly days. Now when a goldfish in her shimmering orange scales grants you a wish, you most certainly know what to wish for.

IVY New York ring with mandarin garnet and diamonds
IVY New York ring with mandarin garnet and diamonds

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