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Origins of Inspiration: Nights in the Gardens of Spain

Noches en los jardines de España… the mere sound of these words evokes a vivid image of sultry Spanish patios… the smell of oranges and the juice of pomegranates… silk skirts swooshing as the countryside girls dance their way into the night. Castanets clicking, spinels twinkling, big yellow facets of danburites and mandarin garnets doubling in triangles as the pointe shoes tapping diamonds of pas de chat…

Danburite and spinel earrings, IVY

Two music pieces by Manuel de Falla, one stellar performance by Kiev Ballet, and two creations by Vlad Yavorskyy.  ‘El sombrero de tres picos’ and ‘Noches en los Jardines de España’ manifesting joie de vivre in two pairs of IVY earrings.

Mandarin garnet and diamond earrings, IVY

Kiev Ballet performing “Nights in the gardens of Spain” and “The three-cornered hat” ballets at the National Opera of Ukraine, April 2017

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