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Pastel-Colored Spinel

Spinel naturally comes in a variety of colors that not many other gems can boast of. Apart from the most praised classic red, pink or blue, there is a large array of beautiful organic shades.

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The color of those is not easy to name unambiguously - so subtle and complex is the fusion of warm and cold hues in each stone. The overall feeling they evoke can be compared to those glimpses of life in a rainless rocky field: tempered mauve shades of heather and thyme might lack vibrancy, yet they have a delicate sentimental appeal.  The warmer palette spreads from sunlit wheat and apricot to lucid wild honey, bringing golden flickers to the misty blue.

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With the spectacular luster and fire of spinel, those subtle ​ones at first sight can be favorably taken for colored diamonds. Unlike the diamonds though, the miscellaneous colored spinels hardly used to be in demand before, when the mining was still abundant.

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Nowadays, given its finally recognised name, its mostly Burmese origin, its splendid Golconda brilliance and sparkle, the pastel-colored spinel is rapidly gaining popularity, coming as a manifestation of delicate femininity and understated beauty.

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