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Photo Flashback: Artburma

The word 'Burma' has hardly a connotation stronger rather than 'Gem'. The concept of 'Art' is still growing on Myanmar, and we are happy to plant the seeds and pick the fruits.

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Many years ago, Vlad Yavorskyy found himself in love with a Burmese painter not any less than with Burmese stones. Ever since, IVY has been supporting Soe Naing with his abstract expressionist works, open-heartedly sharing our passion and encouraging others to appreciate a gem of the pristine human imagination. The ArtBurma project was launched last October. On a warm Friday night, all friends gathered in a cozy four-story Bangkok townhouse, served as the Art Gallery.

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It was especially rewarding to welcome our friends from Beijing and Hong Kong dropping their offices merely to attend the party. Photogenic vintage furniture, delicious mix of Asian beats and European bites, camera flashes, happy smiles, and all eyes on the walls cluttered with the paintings. No matter what particular emotion each work would evoke, not a single person was left indifferent. Nowadays ArtBurma functions full-time and full-fledge as a website, where we keep uploading impressively versatile works from our collection, for sale and for view.

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Having bought over a thousand paintings at once, Vlad Yavorskyy nourished Soe Naing's grounds, so that the Artist could afford more new paints and tools, which turned his latest works more colorful and optimistic. Still we are lucky to own those early creations, full of mental struggle, social turbulence and inherent worshipping of nature and traditions, translated through each canvas. Remembering the first ArtBurma party with a great joy and gratitude to all those who joined us, we look forward to seeing all friends and art lovers again in our Gallery one day soon.

In the meantime, we welcome you to visit www.artburma.com and enjoy the ceaseless revelations of the distressed Burmese soul. After all, it must be curious to see what so special stroke a jaded master to make him collect things other than gems... equally authentic, vibrant and uncorrupted at heart.

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