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Photo Report: Art Paris 2017


Neighboring with the Al Thani’s magnificent jewels, Art Paris fair took place under the glass-domed roof of the Grand Palais.

The City of Light gave only four days to dive into the melting pot of the world’s contemporary art with a savory French dressing.

 [powr-photo-gallery id=433ce2cf_1500892272]

[powr-photo-gallery id=d697cd19_1500892443]
Taking this opportunity, we worked out the prospective of ArtBurma in the leading global framework. Our Burmese artist didn't fail to raise genuine interest in the gallerists, proving that ArtBurma and Art Paris have much more in common than simply Art.
[powr-photo-gallery id=e48d387e_1500892721]
We believe in the bright future of the Myanmar artist we hold dear, and looking forward to presenting his powerful paintings to the most sophisticated audience worldwide.
[powr-photo-gallery id=07c074e8_1500892908]
We also believe that modern people look for multidimensional experience rather than a single subject, that's why we are enhancing our website, fusing together Yavorskyy gemstones and books, IVY jewels, Art Burma and of course plenty of photographs. The new platform is coming soon.
[powr-photo-gallery id=8fbcde46_1500893156]
In the meantime, enjoy our delicious blend of Art, People and Paris through Yavorskyy lens (two lenses, in fact).
[powr-photo-gallery id=a56393ab_1500893325]
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