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Roses are red, violets are blue... Have we ever taken an adult look at this nursery rhyme? Red roses are somewhat vinous in fact, and violets are apparently violet.IVY New York earring with red spinel and diamonds

IVY New York earring with red spinel and diamonds

IVY New York ring with red spinel, ruby and diamonds

At IVY New York we believe that there is no better incarnation of red than fine red spinel. The reason is that when it comes to red color in particular, it is more than a simple visual picture - it is a whole spectrum of sensations from the bottom of your heart, mind and even from underneath your skin. With all due admiration and respect to the red crown of ruby, the king of gems, we now dare take off that hat to red spinel - the stone with confusingly unfair historical past, yet hopefully rewarding shining future. Obviously, the red of spinel would alter depending on the origin, properties of material and quality of cut. Thus, further on we will mention only a top-quality Yavorskyy-cut gem from a Mogok mine in Burma, which is acknowledged to be the source of the finest red spinels in the world, and we will try to reveal how favorably it differs from other red gemstones. A finest cleanest ruby of pigeon blood color variety under proper illumination, indeed, emits a wonderful glow, which cannot be described other than pure red. However, naming of color in gemological science is a hugely controversial subject on its own, and even more tricky it is for a person outside of gemology to catch the subtleties. A classic ruby, as we see it in random lighting, seems to have a distinct tint that in regular life we would call pinkish. A typical red garnet normally has that brownish or purplish shade, and it is a little too dark for pure red. Diamonds are not only overwhelmed with sparkle and fire, but also a gem-quality red diamond is too seldom an occurrence in nature. We do not say though that it is easy to find an iconic red spinel, since they are indeed rare, and recently there has been a dramatic shortage of mining top-quality red spinels even from the most celebrated mines. However, we do say that IVY New York is fortunate to work with finest red spinels, collected over decades and set in exceptional pieces of jewelry.


Spinel has everything you want to feel about red. A perfectly transparent loupe-clean spinel crystal transmits light in such a specific way that even a rough piece glows spectacularly. Once faceted, the gem acquires unparalleled vibrancy under any illumination thanks to the arranged travel of light within the wonderfully crystallized natural material. In this sense, ruby, being of a different mineral structure, can hardly achieve same dynamics inside of the stone, and it is very much dependent on the illumination. Red is life, and spinel is the most vibrant natural gem, moving and playing with light as you move and play with the stone in your hands. Due to the hardness of the mineral, faceted spinels reveal excellent luster, and those hypnotic flickers add eternal life to the stone. Finally, the color itself is the most exemplary red you can imagine: well saturated and evenly distributed, rich, mellow, having no tint of pink, orange or brown - purely and perfectly red.

If you are used to associating red with strawberry, lipstick or setting sun, now try a deeper approach. Color, clarity, sparkle, glow, temper, verve - these are the attributes of red on all levels of sensual perception. These are the attributes of a fine red spinel, the icon of red.
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