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Cutting the Legendary Black Prince's Brother, 110 cts Red Spinel

Mother nature can take thousands of years giving birth to pristine beauty in the depths of its rocks. And so, as a matter of respect for its creation, a genuine expert reserves a few more decades grasping the very essence of this treasure, before finally transforming the beautiful into the sublime.

The story of this rare vibrant pinkish red stone began 15 years ago in the Pamir Mountains, where it was found at the legendary Kuh-i-Lal mine – home place to some of the world’s most celebrated spinels. With its exceptional weight of 160 carats, the crystal was polished into an egg shape of 112.8 carats, displaying fabulous color, luster and clarity even in its rough state.

Red Spinel legendary crystal Black Prince's Ruby112.8 carats rough

Nevertheless, no matter how long a gem cutter twists and turns an unrefined piece of pure nature in his hands, those hands will long to mold it into a work of tangible and visible perfection instead. A lapidarian can spend a lifetime before undertaking to cut a stone. Studying the material thoroughly, understanding its features and properties, and estimating the most favorable shape and size for the future stone are crucial at the preliminary stage. Once the rough touches the diamond wheel, there is no turning back.  Responsibility increases even more when a gem is one-of-a-kind. In such case, mere knowledge and craftsmanship are not sufficient: insight and luck must both be present.

The preconception of this stone took one and a half decade. After preforming, its bulk of 112.80 carats shrank down to 58.45 carats, acquiring distinct octagonal outlines instead of multiple crystal faces. Placement of the future table was the determining factor in revealing the color and clarity of the gem at their best, and the master has done this task flawlessly. Perfect proportions, sharp edges, precisely cropped corners – all these hi-tech tricks have been performed so easily, as if the gem cutter was molding a lump of sugar rather than a piece of extremely hard material of tremendous value.

Red Spinel legendary crystal Black Prince's RubyWith all the knowledge, skill and luck, an extraordinary crystal of spinel has been lovingly polished into this piece of supreme beauty. Now that the rough has sacrificed its weight, the faceted stone has acquired true magnificence: excellent emerald cut, perfect clarity, and exceptional weight of 35.55 carats, displayed in a unique variety of raspberry red. No wonder this color comes to mind whenever we think of a miracle; for what is a miracle, if not creating an unmatched treasure with your own hands?

Red Spinel legendary crystal Black Prince's Ruby Pinkish-red Spinel 35.55 carats

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