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That will be a Definite "Yes!"

A very special occasion in the life of IVY’s creator recently inspired this exquisite collection of engagement rings.


IVY New York ring with chrome tourmaline and diamonds

Paraiba RingIVY New York ring with paraiba tourmaline and diamonds

The precious symbol of the most romantic commitment between two people has seen numerous designs and designations over the centuries. In ancient and medieval times the idea behind the ring was more dramatic than a mere marriage proposal. Two lovers would exchange, for instance, gimmel bands with one hoop for the bride and the other for the groom as a token of their unity, or give each other posy rings with a sentimental motto inscribed on the surface. Expensive rings could serve both as a symbol of proposal, and a payment for the bride, so that in case of breaking the promise by the groom, the lady would not go broke at least in material terms. Various combinations of metals and gemstones used to adorn fingers of brides-to-be in various epochs, be it heart and serpent motifs in the Victorian era, or ruby and sapphire rings later on. While classic always stays in vogue, trendsetters' creativity encouraged by customers' ceaseless search for something special results in more and more new models.

IVY New York ring with red spinel and diamonds IVY New York ring with red spinel and diamonds

Through IVY's finest material, elegant layout and outstanding performance, a vision of engagement ring has gained unprecedented artistry. Each ring is a beautifully proportioned composition of vivid color, bright sparkle and feminine allure. Classic mountings like solitaire, trinity and halo in IVY’s original interpretation dominate the collection. The other designs reach further beyond traditional templates with their nontrivial shapes and arrangements. Not to mention, that every jewel accentuates a specially selected natural untreated gemstone, ethically produced from a major mine and excellently cut in Yavorskyy signature style. All diamonds complementing the central stones either enjoy the highest grade of modern standards, or belong to the rare assortment of antique-cut stones, providing a ring with a subtle vintage flair. IVY engagement collection is a colorful range of individually handcrafted one-of-a-kind jewels to match the unique personality of a bride-to-be. Each ring is a refined declaration of love: for the nature, the beauty and the woman – as the ultimate reason to bestow the beauty of nature upon her gentle hands.

R1460 IVY New York ring with unheated blue sapphire and diamonds

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