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Trip to Burma

Video by Alexandr Kruzhkov : Trip to Burma with Vladyslav Yavorskyy, Ko Lay and Kochi Too.

For each human it is vital to live in harmony with oneself and the surrounding world. Fatigued by daily routines, we yearn for recovery in nature. As we inhale its freshness again, it rewards us with a sweet aroma of freedom and a rejuvenating cocktail of positive emotions.

For all you seekers, what better place to find peace and rejuvenation, than amidst the wonders of Burma. Time and again, I return here to trek across its beautiful pristine scenery.

Start by hitting the road northwest, towards a genuine pearl – the Ngapali Beach. Rushing along the rural tracks, your hair streaming in the wind, past the sleepy villages and huddles of water buffalo basking in the mud, you sense liberation approaching. Greeting the approaching night on the shoreline of Andaman Sea is unforgettable.

Why not pass your time actively and engage in fishing with local aficionados, especially using the traditional cordage. The process itself is very gripping and may encourage and delight even the amateurs. Waters, abundant with rich fauna, promise a big catch!

Relax into the Ngapali sand before getting back on your wheels and carry on to the next treasure – Mandalay. The town, boasting majestic stupas and pagodas, meets you with massive traffic. At the markets, kindest and friendliest people tempt you into trying local specialties.

Sail to places like Pindaya, Inle Lake or Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda which all reveal the culture and customs of the Burmese people. Their traditional ways are truly interesting and inspiring.

Let us to hope that Burma preserves this unique unhurried pace of life, which attracts passionate seekers of freedom.

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