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Turn the Page for 2017

"...Millions of years of gem formation, decades of learning and priceless expertise, hundreds of locations, artifacts, histories, jewels.... all of these lie behind this work, thirty years of my own dedication. But also people – hundreds of people have played a part in shaping this book. Each word is a reflection of someone’s soul, each photo is a spark of someone’s passion. And there are millions of hearts out there – mining, digging, shoveling, selecting, shipping, trading, buying, collecting, re-selling at auctions. I’m grateful to all those people involved in this enormous process. So at the very end of the book there is a special chapter “Find Yourself”, listing all the people I have met on this journey; everyone I would like to remember and thank personally, to mark their imprint in history with this book. It is a dream that has led me to the best job in the world. It has given me the best of all worlds."

Turn the page and hold your breath.

Let in the light of 2017.

Happy New Year! dscf8292 Gemstones

Gemstones book

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