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Authentic Burmese paintings: masterpieces worth to know worldwide

 Vlad Yavorskyy has traveled the world in search of the most beautiful rare gemstones, and among all places there is one that touched him like no other: Burma. So overwhelming is the love for this magic land, that Yavorskyy can't help surrounding himself with selected Burmese treasures: gemstones, traveling, friends, memories and authentic art.

No matter how popular oriental philosophies and concepts can be nowadays - feng shui, martial arts, yoga, etc - the Western world still doesn't seem to know much about modern Asian art. To fill in the void, we would like to introduce a prominent artist from Myanmar, Ko Soe Naing.  He could not boast of a good health in his childhood. Yet, if somebody lacks something in one field, God grants them with abundance in the other. This bright representative of Myanmar art showed his great talent explicitly working with acryl, watercolors, oil and pastel. Just gaze at the bright eyes of his creatures and you will realise what connoisseurs of modern art define as abstract expressionism. His strong background in zoology as his major inspired him for animalistic motifs in his creations.

Soe Naing’s paintings reveal his own world vision which can be positioned as modern primitivism. His casual strokes are not that rough as they may seem at first sight. Look at his masterpieces more precisely to experience how ancient deep Buddhist art ideas are sophistically implied in art modern painting, when the past merges with the present.

Don’t miss your chance to feel the wave of exotic art at your place or office. It can be stirring and gripping in many ways: salty, spicy, at times bitter sweet and certainly impressive. As of now, the famous paintings exhibited for numerous times are available for worldwide shipping at our store. They are closer to you now as ever and are a wise investment to ponder and enjoy for years to come.

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