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L’amoureuse Earrings with Rubellite, Red Spinel and Diamond

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Rubellite 20.09 ct / 2 pcs, Red Spinel 3.80 ct / 2 pcs, Ruby 1.16 ct / 181 pcs, Diamond 6.17 ct / 50 pcs, 18k gold 

Feel the inimitable intimacy of IVY style in every spark of these one-off Earrings. The centerpiece of each pendant is a natural Rubellite over ten carats faceted as an antique cushion. The piercing fuchsia color of the Rubellites is challenged by equally striking flashes of Mansin Red Spinels set above in the locking area. The Red Spinels have identical cushion cut, just five times smaller the size of the Tourmalines. The Pink and Red Gems are framed proportionally with a rim of old-cut white Diamonds and a contrasting outer rim of 181 Red Rubies. Passion and elegance, rarity and dignity are fused in these Earrings like they do meet in true lovers’ hearts.

Match it with the Rubellite Ring for a striking red carpet look. 

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