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IVY Bracelets: a Sleek Embrace of Natural Stones

Bangle, wristlet, handcuff, wristband, coil, cuff… whatever you call it, bracelet is one of the most distinctive accessories humanity has invented. How many cultures have left traces of their jewelry tradition through this simple yet powerful piece of body ornamentation. Nowadays, even after millennia, bracelets remain one of the most popular and sellable adornment both for men and women.

Unlike a myriad of bangles and cuffs available in the market, IVY Bracelets hold a niche which is hard to enter. Each piece is composed of several rows of matching Gemstones, which is only possible for a jeweler with immense collection of precious rocks. Being such a lifetime collector, Vlad Yavorskyy has created a unique line of bracelets that stands out among all other contenders. The secret to each High Jewelry Bracelet lies in a thorough combination of fine natural stones and Diamonds, their colors and shapes. An IVY fine bracelet can take years to make, just until you collect enough matching stones to set. Impeccable craftsmanship of artisan jewelry turns every piece into a smooth and supple unit, feeling tender like silk on your wrist.

A wide Moonstone handcuff is one of IVY bestsellers that will fit any lady in any occasion, both casual and festive. “Magic Carpet” is the other favorite, with its phenomenally fine gold links and intrinsic gem-set ornament. A Spinel bracelet is a brilliant choice for those who prefer pastel colors. Ruby bracelet is a priceless dream of any jeweler, and we are proud to have the magnificent Ruby and Diamond bracelet as the latest arrival in our store. On a higher note, IVY can boasts of bracelets fully set with vivid green Tsavorites or unheated natural Blue Sapphires. Buying one of these pieces will serve as a perfect investment, especially at times of economical uncertainty. Needless to remind that natural colored stones of exceptional quality will always gain in value, especially when they are combined in a row and preserved as a piece of jewelry art. You are welcome to buy the most beautiful and durable of all passion assets in our online jewelry shop ivynewyork.com.

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