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Mandarin Garnet, Ruby and Diamond Earclips

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Product Details

Garnets 17.87cts/2pcs, Rubies 5.49/18pcs, Diamonds 4.43cts/18pcs, 18k gold.

A pair of multi-layered earclips focusing on two vibrant orange Mandarin garnets, encircled with vivid red rubies and finished with diamonds. The garnets, originally weighing over twenty carats together, have been recut until reaching excellent proportions and symmetry as a pair. Apart from the refined cut, both stones display a rare combination of highly praised color and great clarity. The oval rubies and marquise diamonds are set at slightly different angles, so that the pieces cling elegantly to the earlobes. The earclips are fitted with extra firm safe clasps.

Color: Orange, Red, White
Certified: GRS

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